November 3, 2022
TikTok FTC children's privacy law violation settlement

FTC Reveals TikTok will Pay $5.7 Million Settlement for Violating Children’s Privacy Law

The Federal Trade Commission announced it reached a settlement with TikTok of $5.7 million over violating children’s privacy law…

Media app TikTok will pay a $5.7 million settlement to the Federal Trade Commission over allegations of violating children’s privacy law. 

FTC Reaches $5.7 Million Settlement with TikTok over Children’s Privacy Law Violation

The short-format video creation and sharing app, which is owned by ByteDance, merged with in August of last year.

The company will also have to now gain parental approval for users under the age of 13, as well. Additionally, the company must remove all video uploaded by people under the age of 13. 

The FTC alleged Tiktok violated COPPA or the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. COPPA requires any mobile app or website targeted toward children under 13 years of age to obtain parental consent.

FTC Chairman Joe Simons wrote in a press release about the settlement:

“The operators of—now known as TikTok—knew many children were using the app but they still failed to seek parental consent before collecting names, email addresses, and other personal information from users under the age of 13. This record penalty should be a reminder to all online services and websites that target children: We take enforcement of COPPA very seriously, and we will not tolerate companies that flagrantly ignore the law.” claimed 100 million users by the time it merged with TikTok in 2018. TikTok itself boasts over 500 million users worldwide, a good percentage of which are children.

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