May 27, 2022
FTC Reports Millions of US Consumers Lost $5.2 Billion to Scams in 2021

Scammers are Flooding Phonelines and Social Media with Phony Job Offers

The Federal Trade Commission warns US consumers that fake job offers are attempting to fool victims into giving up sensitive information…

Cyber-criminals are back on the robocall circuit. And this time, the crooks aren’t relying solely on phony phone calls. Instead, the schemers are using a multi-pronged or multi-channel approach, attempting to fool potential victims through robocalls, texts, email, and social media as well, the Federal Trade Commission reports. In fact, this approach routinely makes the top-ten complaint list to the agency.

FTC Reports Millions of US Consumers Lost $5.2 Billion to Scams in 2021

The con artists pitch job offers that sound too good to be true, but also, too good to pass up. They hook people by imitating the hiring tactics of such companies like Starbucks and Amazon. However, there are usually a few details lacking. For instance, a genuine company name, legitimate contact number, and the person making contact. Red flags all, but easy to overlook in haste.

The swindlers’ aim is to obtain as much personal information as possible. And, a job offer is a perfect guise to do just that. People provide potential employers with all sorts of sensitive information — everything needed to gain access to a victim’s identity. Some even send counterfeit checks. When deposited, they are rejected but the thieves now have the victim’s deposit information. The FTC encourages people to report suspicious activity or scams to its website.

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