September 10, 2021
robocall industry

The FTC just Revealed the Devious Schemes and Players behind All those Annoying Robocalls

Unsurprisingly, the robocall industry is filled with unsavory players and cons, including get-rich quick schemes, fraudulent debt collectors, and more…

Just last week, the Federal Trade Commission revealed “Operation Call it Quits,” filing 94 actions against entities responsible for over 1 billion illegal robocalls.

FTC Reveals Dirty Robocall Industry Schemes and Players

The FTC’s “Operation Call it Quits,” includes four new lawsuits, three new settlements, and brings the total to 145 cases the agency has against robocallers.

The agency is joined by 25 other federal, state, and local agencies, which are pursuing 87 cases against robocall culprits as part of Operation Call it Quits.

With it, came the exposure of the robocall industry. And, some of its most popular schemes and players. One case known by the names of  “8 Figure Dream Lifestyle,” “Millionaire Mind,” and “Online Entrepreneur Academy,” sold access to a “franchise-like opportunity.”

Another, called “Redwood Scientific,” peddled dissolving film strips, sold as cures for smoking cessation, weight loss, and even sexual performance. One of the largest, known as “Life Management Services, took in approximately $16.5 million under the guise of reorganizing debt.

Still, others sold fake credit card interest rate reduction plans. One even generated leads for solar energy companies, called Media Mix 365. Of course, there’s yet another, called “Lifewatch,” which was among the most prolific neighborhood spoofers, selling bogus “free” medical alert system.

Meanwhile, telecom companies are stepping up their efforts and offerings to do their part to stop the robocall nuisance. 

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