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FTC Secures Facebook Antitrust Case Authority

FTC Facebook antitrust authority

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The Federal Trade Commission now has the authority to pursue an antitrust case against social media giant Facebook, thanks to an agreement with the DOJ…

The United States Federal Trade Commission is now in charge of any antitrust investigations against Facebook, according to The Wall Street Journal

FTC Secures Facebook Antitrust Case Authority

The Department of Justice made an agreement with the agency, in which it will investigate Google. Meanwhile, any antitrust pursuits are the purview of the FTC in regard to Facebook and ecommerce behemoth Amazon.

This comes after other reports surfaced the Justice Department was prepping a case against Google for unfair practices. 

Both agencies, the DOJ and FTC, have the authority to enforce antitrust laws. However, the two agencies negotiate agreements as to which entity investigates specific corporations.

Although, this particular arrangement doesn’t mean the DOJ can’t pursue other investigations into Facebook or Amazon. Likewise, it does not bar the FTC from doing the same against Google.

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