October 20, 2021
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Pinterest will Soon Blast Users with Full-Screen Video Ads

Full-screen Pinerest promoted video ads will soon invade the digital pinboard, giving brands a new way to get their products front-and-center…

Pinterest continues to expand its advertising opportunities and push more deeply into video. The company states it will offer brands a new way to promote their products on its platform. And, this time, it’s not exactly subtle.

Full-Screen Pinterest Promoted Video Ads are Coming

Full-screen Pinterest promoted video ads are the newest offering. It’s a bold alternative to its usual flip-through grid style ads. (Which neatly compress a whole lot of content into a small space.) But, the new Pinterest promoted video ads won’t just play in the feed. Instead, they’ll take up the entire screen. 

The social pinboard pitches itself as a smart alternative to the likes of rivals Facebook and search engine Google. It’s a savvy approach, considering more than 42 million Americans come to Pinterest specifically to discover new ideas. That makes a substantial market for advertisers to tap into.

Plus, the platform offers several ways to approach consumers through all phases of the buying cycle. So, brands can potentially touch each level. At this time, the majority of content on Pinterest consists of images and more from businesses and brands. That’s sensible, considering it’s a discovery hub.

Unlike some other social media players, Pinterest has taken a tempered approach to changing its site. For instance, it launched a follow tab back in March. What’s more, the company continues to grow. It currently boasts over 200 million MAUs or monthly active users, a benchmark it passed in September of last year.

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