November 6, 2022
G Suite apps cards

Google Introduces New Cards for G Suite Apps

New G Suite apps cards will surface on platforms such as Google+, Google Calendar, and more, providing key details about users…

Google just announced new information cards for G Suite apps. These contain key contact points, which surface when a user hovers over another person’s username or their profile picture. Currently, it’s available on the web for selected G Suite apps.

G Suite Apps Cards Introduced

Google explains administrators can gain full value of the cards  through the admin console, in Google Cloud Directory Sync, or through Admin SDK. Admins can also delegate rights by navigating to Apps > G Suite > Directory. Additionally, users can edit their own profile information at

G Suite Information Card
Credit: Google

Google states in the future, it will give admins the ability to delegate editing of additional fields, like Manager and Job Title. And, there’s more. “We recommend populating user profiles to unlock additional benefits for your users. For example, in the near future, Calendar will start using work location to intelligently suggest meeting rooms for guests.”¬†

The new information cards will begin to appear in other G Suite products in the next few months.