September 15, 2021
Gboard 7.2 beta

Make a GIF, Add Stickers, and Search Cards with the Newest Gboard

Gboard 7.2 beta finally enables the Make a GIF function, expands the Stickers gallery, and tweaks its Search cards slightly…

Google is finally releasing it’s “Make a GIF” feature in the latest version of Gboard. Previously, it’s been spotted but not brought to wide, stable launch. With it a new “Make a GIF” button appears. Tapping it opens the device camera. Unlike earlier version, this one doesn’t require installing Motion Stills to work.

Gboard 7.2 Beta Make GIFs, Add Stickers, and Search Cards Spotted

When activated, the Make a GIF tool open with seven options. The first just transforms simple, no-filter video into a GIF. The six remaining surface overlays of question marks, multi-faces, breaking news, fractals, a door, and flowers.

After users record video, they have the option to save it to their camera rolls. Or, they can re-record. Sending the animations saves them to the My GIFs tab. Deleting custom GIF is simple. Just tap the top-right corner button.

The Stickers options now include over 500 stills and animations. The feature resides in the Stickers tab. Just tap the “plus” icon, then select “Get stickers.”

Gboard 7.2 beta stickers
Credit: 9to5Google

Lastly, the Search cards sport a slightly tweaked modification — “View More” replaces the box with an upward arrow icon, as pictured below: 

Gboard 7.2 beta search cards
Credit: 9to5Google

While it’s a very small change, it’s likely due to lessen any confusion about what the previous button did.

The latest version of Gboard beta is rolling out today.