January 13, 2022
Facebook Messenger inbox display ads

Get Ready: Facebook Messenger Inbox Display Ads are Coming Soon

New Facebook Messenger inbox display ads will begin to appear in more users’ threads globally, after successful beta tests in Australia and Thailand…

Facebook Messenger boasts 1.2 billion users worldwide. So, it makes sense the company would monetize the popular mobile native app. The company has already done limited beta testing in Australia and Thailand, receiving promising results. Now, it states it will begin to expand Messenger display ads over the next month to advertisers globally, the company announced on its official blog.

Get Ready: Facebook Messenger Inbox Display Ads are About to Appear

Not all users will see these inbox display ads because it “depends on how many threads a user has, the size of their phone’s physical screen and the pixel density of the display,” Facebook told TechCrunch.

Facebook Messenger inbox display ads example
Credit: Facebook Messenger

The new Facebook Messenger inbox display ads aren’t served up according to what users write in their conversations. Instead, chosen ads come through the same targeting Facebook employs, along with measurement tools. Also, devices must support a minimum 50 percent pixels while in standard view.

Facebook started testing these ads in January of this year, which began appearing in a horizontal carousel. The company shed that design to comport with Messenger’s latest redesign.

The new Facebook Messenger inbox display ads can render right within the app’s built-in browser. Or, the ads can user Click To Message ads, which starts a message thread with the advertising company. And, if users do opt for the latter, companies are eligible to send them Sponsored Messages thereafter.

At present, there is no user option to turn off Messenger ads but users can tap the down arrow, located at the bottom right of ads, to reveal options, which include reporting the ad or hiding it.

Facebook Messenger just added a new message thread share button to its mobile app. The company also made a recent move to reintroduce chatbots to its users.

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