May 27, 2022
Giphy iOS GIFs keyboard extension

Giphy Launches a New Keyboard Extension to Easily Find GIFs on iOS, along with a Sticker Creation Option

The new Giphy iOS GIFs keyboard extension makes it a cinch to find animations with a simple search and there’s also a sticker-making option…

Giphy just updated its iOS mobile app to include a couple of new neat functions. With it comes a sticker-making tool, as well as a keyboard extension for texts. Beginning today, users can opt to add the keyboard extension to their handheld devices to readily share GIFs with others.

Giphy iOS GIFs Keyboard Extension Released

It’s now available on the latest version in the Apple Store. Download it to an iPhone or iPad and look for a globe in the bottom left corner. This allows users to switch their keyboard language to Giphy, where it’s possible to search for different animations. (However, it is only compatible with iOS 12 or later.)

Owners of the iPhone X or newer mobile devices can record their own animate Giphy stickers. It’s also possible to save GIFs and sticker in favorites. Plus, users can edit media by adding captions, trim media, or lopping video.

The new function is partly due to Giphy’s acquisition of Tapslash, which occurred in January. That company made a keyboard extension similar to this one.

To use it, launch the app and tap on “Add GIF.” Then, select “Sticker” and start recording a video. Thereafter, upload the media to an active Giphy account to save it and access it from anywhere.

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