June 20, 2021
GitHub free unlimited private repositories

GitHub Now gives Free Users Unlimited Private Repositories

GitHub free unlimited private repositories are now here and ready to use, but there is a restriction to the number of collaborators…

Microsoft acquired GitHub back in October of last year. The take-over didn’t go over well with developers. However, not much has changed on the platform.

Now, some good news comes with the company’s announcement (via a broken embargo). Starting tomorrow, GitHub users who don’t pay for the service now get free, unlimited repositories. Previously, free account holders were required to make their code public.

GitHub Free Unlimited Private Repositories now Available

With the new GitHub free unlimited private repositories come one caveat — only three collaborators. Although, there’s no change to public repositories, which still enjoy unlimited collaborators.

It’s a welcome change and shows the overall direction how the portal plans to monetize. Instead of charging small teams, GitHub focuses on large enterprise organizations to use its service.

GitHub also announced it is changing the name of its GitHub Developer suite. From now on, it’s called “GitHub Pro.” The service explained it made the change to “help developers better identify the tools they need.” Additionally, the company says it’s brought GitHub Business Cloud under GitHub Enterprise. This is sold on a per-user model.

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