November 7, 2022
Facebook outage

Wednesday’s Worldwide Facebook Crash Caused by Server Configuration Change

The huge Facebook connectivity debacle, which plagued the site and its subsidiaries for about 14 hours, was due to a server configuration change…

For most of Wednesday, Facebook and its three subsidiary sites, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp, experiences global outages. Now, we know the cause of the problem. It came as the result of a server configuration change. 

Global Facebook Outage Caused by Server Configuration Change

The world’s largest social media network apologized to it ubiquitous user base in a tweet, insisting the problem was fixed:

Around noon, EST, DownDetector, a crowd-sourced website which allows users to submit service reports, started receiving thousands of complaints. The number peaked at about 12,000, around 9 pm EST.

Facebook publicly addressed the issue Wednesday afternoon, with a tweet stating, “some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps.”

The company also dismissed conjecture of a DDOS attack, or distributed denial of service. It wasn’t until 12:41 am EST Instagram acknowledged in a tweet it was back online.

This marks one of the largest, most widespread outages in Facebook’s history. The last occurred back in November of last year, when a similar issue affected the site.

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