August 4, 2022
Gmail adding Inbox organizational features

Gmail just Might Add Some of Inbox’s Most Beloved Organizational Features

Some reliable Gmail adding Inbox organizational features might just make their way to the popular email client, a recent app tear down reveals…

With the impending demise of Inbox by Gmail coming in only five short months, it appears Gmail could adopt some of it most useful tools. A new APK tear down performed by Android Police uncovers serious hints of Trip Bundles, Related Messages, and more.

Gmail Adding Inbox Organizational Features

Perhaps one of the most helpful tools for travelers was Trip Bundles. These are cards which place together travel itineraries. For instance, flight arrival and departure times. Two strings point directly to this function:

<string name="topic_card_flight_arrival">Arrival</string>
<string name="topic_card_flight_departure">Departure</string>

Like cards also helped people stayed organized for other events, such as restaurant reservations and more.

Another string places related messages in a future version of Gmail. This bundles similar messages related to one another together:

<string name="topic_constituents_label">Related messages</string>

Google originally touted Inbox by Gmail as a new era of email. It delivered on many fronts. It’s only a matter of time before some of the most useful tools make their way to the new Gmail. After all, Smart Reply and Smart Compose are already part of Gmail. Other features should follow in the not too distant future.

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