June 23, 2022
Gmail Adobe Creative Cloud file sharing support arrives

Gmail Now Supports File Sharing from Adobe Creative Cloud (but There are Limitations)

Adobe has released a new Gmail add-on that allows people to share content from Creative Cloud, but it has its limitations…

Although we live in a tech-heavy world where connectivity is more sophisticated and on-demand than ever, there are still areas which seriously lack in necessary function.

Case in point is how Adobe’s Creative Cloud service doesn’t always mesh well with Google’s Gmail email client. But, now there’s a new add-on bringing a new function to bridge the two.

Gmail Adobe Creative Cloud File Sharing Support Arrives

Adobe has introduced a new Gmail extension that makes it possible to share work done in Creative Cloud. The plugin lets users attach things like synced files, libraries, or mobile creations stored in Creative Cloud as links.

After installing the add-on, people can send attachments by clicking on the Creative Cloud icon that’s positioned in the bottom right of the Gmail composition window. The extension also gives users the option to save files directly to their Creative Cloud accounts.

But, the plugin has its limitations. For instance, only public links are supported, and any private links must be made public to work with the tool. Also, there’s 100MB file limit for direct saving in Creative Cloud accounts.

Minson Chen, Senior Manager, Platform & Partner Marketing at Adobe, writes:

“Adobe and Google Cloud are excited to announce that, together, we’re making it easier to share links to your creative assets with external teams and stakeholders through email. Yes, we said it, email.”

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