September 24, 2022
Gmail app conversation view

The Gmail App will Soon Allow Android Users to Turn Off Conversation View

The handy Gmail app conversation view will soon become elective for Android and iOS devices, according to the Google G Suite blog…

Gmail burst onto the email scene about eleven years ago as a formidable challenger to AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo. Today, the email client boasts more than 1.2 billion users. When it debuted, it introduced a new way to more easily follow message chains. However, some people never became comfortable with Conversation View. Now, Google will make the tool optional for Android and iOS.

Gmail App Conversation View Disable Option for Android, iOS, coming Soon

Google first made this change to the Gmail web interface in 2010. But, it didn’t add the option to its mobile apps. Currently, the only ways to disable conversation mode is to non-Google email accounts via IMAP, exchange, or POP3. That won’t be the case much longer, according to the G Suite Updates blog:

“In Gmail, replies to emails are grouped together as “conversations,” to make them easier to digest and follow. Some users, however, prefer to see each of their emails listed individually in their inbox. This is possible on the web by toggling “Conversation View” off in the Settings menu.

We’re now bringing this same feature to the Gmail Android and iOS apps. If you currently have Conversation view turned off on the web, it will be turned off on your mobile app as well.”

When the option rolls out, users can choose which accounts to disable conversation view. And, if it’s already turned off on desktop for a certain email address, it will also become disabled on the mobile app, too. Google states the change will go live in the next 15 days. Here’s a screenshot of the tool in-action:

Gsuite Gmail Conversation Mode option
Credit: Google

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