February 25, 2021
Gmail Confidential mode

The New Gmail Design will Offer ‘Confidential Mode’

A Gmail Confidential Mode option will come with the new redesign, giving senders more control over how messages are used…

The upcoming version of Gmail for desktop will include a “Confidential Mode,” according to The Verge. The tool comes in addition to smart replies, snooze, and calendar integration. Gmail Confidential Mode essentially allows senders to lock down messages.

Gmail Confidential Mode Found in Upcoming Redesign

Once enabled, Confidential Mode gives users the power to prevent recipient forwarding, as well as restrictions on copying, downloading, and printing. Furthermore, Gmail will empower senders with a security mechanism. It allows senders to require a passcode to open designated emails, generated via SMS. Yet another security addition allows senders to set an expiration date.

These options are most appealing to businesses, which Google continues to court with a host of G Suite offerings.

Gmail Confidential mode
Credit: The Verge

Microsoft currently offers these tools in Outlook. However, these protections don’t prevent recipients or others from capturing screenshots.

Google just announced the Gmail redesign in an email to G Suite administrators. It invites users to opt into an EAP or Early Adopter Program. These are just some of many slated changes. Back in February, Google announced it would bring AMP technology to Gmail.

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