January 12, 2022
Gmail confidential mode

Google Introduces Confidential Mode (but Only in a Beta Program)

Gmail confidential mode is now available for G Suite users in a beta release, giving participants more control over sensitive content…

Back in April of last year, news reports featured a forthcoming confidential mode for Gmail. The new tool is now here and comes in addition to smart replies, snooze, smart compose, as well as calendar integration. Gmail Confidential Mode essentially allows senders to lock down messages.

Gmail Confidential Mode Rolls Out to G Suite Users

Once enabled, Confidential Mode gives users the power to prevent recipient forwarding, as well as restrictions on copying, downloading, and printing.

Furthermore, Gmail will empower senders with a security mechanism. It allows senders to require a pass code to open designated emails, generated via SMS. Yet another security addition allows senders to set an expiration date.

Microsoft currently offers these tools in Outlook. However, these protections don’t prevent recipients or others from capturing screenshots.

G Suite administrators can turn on confidential mode Beta by going to Apps > G Suite > Settings for Gmail > User settings.

Since it’s debut, the redesigned Gmail continues to add more helpful tools. Some features have made their way from Inbox by Gmail, while others have not. At this time, there’s no word on when confidential mode will come to the general public.

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