September 15, 2022
Gmail dark theme

Dark Mode for Gmail is Finally Making its Way Out into the Wild

Gmail dark theme is now arriving on Android, via a server-side update, following many hints it was coming, in various places…

Dark mode is becoming commonplace among apps. It’s available on a number of mobile platforms. But, there’s been noticeable holdouts, including the Google app, the Play Store, Google Maps, and Gmail. Now, the latter is finally getting a dark theme, courtesy of a server-side roll out.

Gmail Dark Theme Starts Rolling Out

Hints of a forthcoming Gmail dark mode have surfaced in the settings, widget, and splashscreen. But, until now, it’s not appeared in the actual app itself.

Users on version 2019.08.18.267 are beginning to see the option, which helps to save battery and reduce stress on the eyes. 

Equipped devices can find the new Gmail dark theme right in the settings menu. However, people can manually enable it. Reddit user u/careslol found a way, although it requires root:

  1. Go to data\data\\shared_prefs\FlagPrefs.xml.
  2. Search for “DarkThemeSupport” (should be one of the first flags) and change to True. Save.
  3. Force close Gmail and reopen. Theme support should be now there in the General Settings.
Gmail dark mode screenshots
Credit: Android Police

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