November 8, 2022
gmail ios mobile app swipe actions

Gmail iOS Mobile App Swipe Actions Now allow Users to Trash, Mark as Read, Snooze, Archive and More

New customizable Gmail iOS mobile app swipe actions give users the power to delete, archive, snooze, mark unread, and more…

The latest update of the Gmail iOS mobile app brings with it long-awaited functionality. It’s now possible to swipe to trigger six different actions. Those include: archiving, deleting, marking unread, mark as read, snoozing, and moving to another folder.

Gmail iOS Mobile App Swipe Actions Arrive

The new Gmail iOS mobile app swipe actions are also customizable. Meaning, people can assign different actions to left and right swipes.

This latest inclusion brings the iOS version up-to-date with it Android counterpart. Previously, iOS users could only delete or archive emails by swiping. (Not to mention the fact swiping in either direction triggered the same exact action.)

The update is part of the broader redesign announced last year.

The new functions are now available in the latest iteration of the iOS app, with roll out already underway. However, it could take up to 15 days for everyone to receive the actions, according to Google.

Once live, it’s possible to change swipe functions by going into the Settings menu and selecting Swipe actions.

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