September 15, 2022
Gmail nudge

Gmail begins to “Nudge” Users

The Gmail nudge reminder is now rolling out to users, which will work by default to help them follow-up in a more timely manner…

Today, Google announced via its G Suite Updates blog that it’s enabling Gmail nudge — a time-sensitive tool. Inbox by Gmail users are already familiar with these reminders. They simply surface after a few days to ask users if they want to take action on messages.

Gmail Nudge Feature goes Live

Just recently, Google announced and then released a new Gmail for the web. It sports some significant improvements, which include things like “confidential mode,” smart replies, and more.

The Gmail nudge feature works in the background. If users don’t reply to emails within three days, it displays reminders to get them to respond. It is similar to snoozing messages but it’s not user-initiated. Instead, it works on its own. If Google detects an email is important, it will identify it as such and place it at the top of the inbox. Gmail nudge shows a highlighted message to get users’ attention.

As with other Google technology, Gmail nudge is powered by artificial intelligence. It’s designed to help users get the most out of the email client. And, it’s automatically turned on. But, users can disable by going into the settings menu.

Gmail nudge is now going live for all users and will take between one to three days to become active.

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