October 1, 2022
Gmail Out of Office notifications

Gmail Gets a New Out of Office Notice, Telling People not to Send Email to Others on Vacation

Gmail is getting a new time-saving feature for users, by warning people not to send email to others marked out of the office…

Just scheduling time out of the office on the calendar doesn’t stop others from sending email. Well, it will now, as Google has introduced a new feature which alerts people when others aren’t in the office.

Gmail Out of Office Notification Preempt People from Sending Email

Gmail and Google Hangouts now both sport the tool, which alerts people to when others are away, preventing them from sending email and starting chats.

If someone includes an email recipient whose calendar shows him or her out of the office, a new chat window appears at the bottom of the composition window.

gmail out of the office notification
Credit: Google

Google posted the following message on the G Suites Updates blog:

“Now, when you have an Out of office (OOO) entry on your calendar, a notice of that OOO status will appear in Gmail and Hangouts Chat when people try to contact you.

In Gmail, we’ll show a banner about the recipient being out of office and when they’ll be back in the email compose window.

In Hangouts Chat, you’ll also see a small notification in the chat compose window alerting you that the person you’re trying to message is out of office.”

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