November 3, 2022
Gmail smart compose

Smart Compose for Gmail Now Available on All Android Devices, No Longer Exclusive to the Pixel 3

Gmail Smart Compose, which first debuted as an experimental feature on desktop, has fully transitioned to all Android mobile devices…

Google introduced Smart Reply to the world some time ago. It’s a handy feature which automatically suggests replies to email messages based on context using artificial intelligence or AI. Then, at Google I/O 2018, the search giant took a big leap forward, announcing Smart Compose. And, it does precisely what its name states — it helps write email.

Gmail Smart Compose Rolls Out to All Android Devices

Initially, Smart Compose for Gmail was confined to desktop devices. Later on, Google added it to G Suite. Thereafter, as an exclusive to the Pixel. But, only the the Pixel 3 models and not their predecessors. 

That too, has now changed as Gmail Smart Compose is now available to all Android devices. Users simply need to ensure they are running the latest version of the mobile email client.

After updating to the latest iteration, a popup will appear, with an acceptance suggestion to opt-in. Smart Compose works auto-enabled by default, but users can toggle it off in the Settings menu.

When running, Gmail Smart Compose helps people write and reply to messages based on common patterns and phrases. It surfaces predictive text as the writer types or taps.

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