May 24, 2022
Gmail Smart Compose subject suggestions

Gmail is About to Get Smart Compose for Email Subject Suggestions, Starting with G Suite Accounts

Smart Compose for Gmail now works to produce subject line suggestions, starting with G Suite subscriptions, expanding its functionality… 

It’s quite common for people to write an email, leaving the subject line empty until they’ve proofread it. But, at that moment, contemplating the right words to write can cause a short burst of panic or frustration. Soon, Gmail will help out with such predicaments.

Gmail Smart Compose Subject Suggestions for G Suite Accounts go Live

Enter Gmail Smart Compose subject suggestions. The core function, Smart Compose, officially debuted last summer. Then, it made its way out to Pixel devices as an exclusive.

For those unfamiliar, the Smart Compose tool surfaces suggested sentences right within the email interface. It helps people write email, using AI and machine learning. As a person types, Smart Compose suggests the next sentence based on the context.

Now, Google is bringing the same technology to the subject line. It’s triggered simply by pressing the keyboard Tab button. (Smart Compose subject suggestions are only available on desktop for the time being.)

The tool is already live for G Suite accounts on the rapid release timeline. Other domains will get the option on April 23rd. Presumably, it will also come to mobile devices in the future.

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