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Investment Firm Hints at a Long Delay in the iPhone 12 Release Due to These Reasons

Goldman Sachs Report Claims an iPhone 12 Delayed November Release Date

Credit: New York Post

A prestigious international investment firm warns the iPhone 12 release date might well be pushed back to November due to two key issues…

The estimated (read: wild guess) release date for the next Apple smartphone of September might not happen until sometime in November, according to an investor note from Goldman Sachs. The investment house, which is also Apple’s partner on the Apple Card, made the prediction, along with a downgrade to a “sell” rating for the tech giant.

Goldman Sachs Report Claims an iPhone 12 Delayed November Release Date

The note in question, obtained by Reuters, basically points out the obvious. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting COVID-19 quarantines, will hold-up production, largely due to engineering and manufacturing challenges.

Unsurprisingly, Goldman Sachs concludes that current iPhone owners will have to wait longer to upgrade or choose a less expensive alternative because of current circumstances. Another report, by Nikkei, explains the following about the possible delay in the release of the iPhone 12:

“The engineering development of the 5G iPhone has also been affected by travel curbs introduced in the U.S., China and elsewhere to combat the coronavirus, two people with knowledge of Apple’s schedule said. The company was supposed to work with suppliers to develop a more concrete prototype for the new phones from early March, but it had to delay such close collaboration, which requires hands-on testing, until the end of the month, before postponing it again due to the worsening pandemic in the U.S., they said.”

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