April 8, 2021
Google 2017 Web Spam report

Google Doubled Down on Unnatural Link Removal and Reduced Link Spam by Nearly Half

The recently released Google 2017 Web Spam report shows the search engine’s progress on fighting back against dubious and harmful behavior…

Google has now released its annual web spam report for 2017. The 2017 Web Spam Report points out how the search engine keeps its results pages populated with the highest quality links.

Google 2017 Web Spam Report Released

One key data point is Google states that less than 1 percent of searchers found spammy websites from its SERP or search engine results page. Also, Google reduced that same figure by about half in just two years.

Additionally, the search engine cut down the number of hacked sites from its result listings by 80 percent. It also cut link spam by nearly half. Moreover, the number of Search Console notifications fell from 9 million in 2016 to 6 million in 2017. Furthermore, Google’s spam teams “doubled down” on unnatural link removal, with the help of algorithms and “scalable” manual actions.

Here are more key takeaways from the Google 2017 Web Spam Report: 

  • 90,000 user search spam reports acted on in 2017.
  • 45 million Search Console messages sent during the year.
  • 6 million Search Console messages were related to manual actions.