May 24, 2022
Google Abandons Website Tipping Tool Development

Google Floated an Idea to Tip Websites, then Tanked the Initiative

Google was previously working on launching a website tipping option but backed away from the tool’s development before finishing it…

Tech giant Google was developing a website tipping tool that would have allowed visitors to donate small sums of money, but abandon the project, according to a recent news report published by TechCrunch. The option, would have given visitors the option to make one-time donations ranging from $0.25 to $5, vis-à-vis a floating button situated at or near the bottom of the screen.

Google Abandons Website Tipping Tool Project

The tentative Google website tipping tool would have been available to news publishers, bloggers, and musicians alike. It would have provided websites with extra revenue — something many news publishers usually need.

This isn’t Google’s first foray into the publisher space. Almost ten years ago, Google launched Google One Pass in 2011, a subscription model that allowed customers to side-step pay-walled websites, but shut it down a year later. Then in 2014, the company released Google Contributor, a feature which removed ads on partner websites for a monthly fee, but it sunset in 2016. 

Google confirmed the program in a statement to TechCrunch:

“We recognize that there isn’t a single business model that works for all publishers today and think it’s critical to explore new technologies that can help publishers make more money. Funding Choices is a great example of a product we have invested in significantly and will continue to evolve to support publishers and their monetization strategies.”

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