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Google Applies its Material Design to its Account Switcher

Google Account switcher material design makeover goes live

Google has implemented its Material Design elements to its online account switcher, following a long list of other products getting the makeover…

Google has been busy applying its Material Design concept to all of its products. It’s part of a long-term strategy to unify all of its services, making them look alike. It’s already gone live on several of its flagship products, such as Gmail, Photos, Keep, Maps, YouTube, Opinion Rewards, and more.

Google Account Switcher Material Design Makeover goes Live

The newly refreshed Google account switcher places the profile picture at the top, moving from the left side of the box. It’s practically all white, now missing the blue “Google Account” block which previously appeared. 

The older version sported a yellow disclosure header, which isn’t present any longer. Also, the new Google account switcher includes a conspicuous Sign Out button, replacing the old Manage Accounts button. There’s also a new “Add another account” option in the new UI.

It’s a small change but reveals Google is leaving nothing untouched. 

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