July 2, 2022
Google Adds Railroad Crossing Notifications to Google Maps

Google Just Brought this Super-Useful Feature from Waze Over to Google Maps

Google Maps railroad notifications have been copied from Waze, adding more key functionality to the navigation to the mobile application…

Since Google owns both Google Maps and Waze, there’s obvious cross-over between the two navigation apps. From time to time, Big G copies an exclusive to its companion and that’s apparently happening yet again. For some time now, Waze has shown traffic information related to several components, including railroad crossings. Now, that same tool is being integrated into Google Maps.

Google Adds Railroad Crossing Notifications to Google Maps

Google Maps has begun adding railroad crossing notifications through a server-side update. That means not everyone will see it right away. And, updating to the newest version (even a beta) won’t make it magically appear. What’s more, the search giant hasn’t officially announced the addition, though plenty of people have taken to social media and to Reddit to report seeing the new feature.

Users who have the tool say that it looks and functions much like it does on Waze. The moment a driver approaches a train crossing, a notification appears on the screen that reads, “Expect delays.” The same notification pops up when people are setting up new routes to alert of possible traffic delays.

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