November 2, 2022
Google Docs highlights signed in accounts

Google Docs will Now Display which Accounts Users are Signed Into

Google Docs users will now see a notice, indicating which account they are using when logged into multiple profiles at once…

One particularly confusing aspect of using Google Docs on the web is being unsure which account is up when signed into more than one account. Fortunately, the tech giant has a solution and it works for Docs, Sheet, and Slides.

Google Adds “You’re Currently Signed In As” Notice to Google Docs

Google simply added a conspicuous notice, which appears in the upper right corner of the interface. Clicking “Okay,” confirms it’s the right account. While clicking “Change account” immediately switches over to another profile.

It’s currently rolling out to all G Suite users this month.

Google wrote the following explanation on its G Suite Updates blog about the new feature:

“When you’re logged into multiple accounts, like switching between your work and personal accounts, it can sometimes be confusing to determine which account is active when opening and collaborating on a Doc, Sheet, or Slide. We’re introducing a new dialogue that better indicates which account is active, and gives you the option to quickly change accounts.”

Google Docs signed in as notice
Credit: Google

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