May 22, 2022
Google AdSense earnings fluctuations

Google Search Liaison: Recent Broad Core Algorithm Update not Causing AdSense Earnings Fluctuations

Ongoing Google AdSense earnings fluctuations experienced by site owners are not related to the recently released broad core algorithm update…

Google has confirmed its newly introduced broad core algorithm update is not impacting recent AdSense earnings. Danny Sullivan, the official search liaison for the company, replied to a site’s owners tweet, stating there is no relation between the two.

Google AdSense Earnings Fluctuations not Due to Recent Broad Core Algorithm Update

Some webmasters (website owners) have expressed their concerns over seeing changes in their AdSense earnings over the past several days. For those unfamiliar, Google AdSense is a program which allows publishers to earn revenue via ads displayed on their sites.

Sullivan replied to the tweet, stating the two are in no way related to one another:

Though this is technically true, it doesn’t address ancillary impact. Because the recent broad core algorithm update does tweak the SERP or search engine results page, it will inevitably affect which listings are displayed. Therefore, it’s entirely possible the signal update does indirectly impact AdSense earnings in one way or another.

However, Sullivan is correct to assert the two are unrelated because there’s nothing contained in the update to directly and precisely impact AdSense performance. It’s also key to note fluctuations occur on a regular basis.

Currently, more than 14.3 million websites are part of the AdSense program.

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