October 1, 2022
Google Advanced Protection Program expands

Google Chrome is About to Get Safer than Ever with This Key Change

Google’s Advanced Protection Program will soon Chrome browser users send suspicious files to be scanned by the Safe Browsing suite…

The Chrome browsing experience will be lot safer with the new expansion of Google’s Advanced Protection Program or APP. Introduced about three years ago, the Google APP was first intended to protect political organizations, enterprise users, activists, and more that face a higher risk of targeted online attacks. Now, it’s being extended to basically anyone.

Google Advanced Protection Program Expands

Currently, APP users already enjoy highly effective protection from phishing attacks. So, cyber-criminals have moved onto other methods, like attempting to trick people into download malicious files. Google has picked up on this change of tactic and will allow Chrome users to send over suspicious files. Said files will be scanned by the full suite of malware detection within Google Safe Browsing. The tech will warn users if files are unsafe. Software engineers write on the Google Security Blog, the following:

“Chrome is giving Advanced Protection users the ability to send risky files to be scanned by Google Safe Browsing’s full suite of malware detection technology before opening the file. We expect these cloud-hosted scans to significantly improve our ability to detect when these files are malicious.”

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