August 4, 2022
Google advanced verification process

Google Advanced Verification Process Hits these Two Industries

A new Google advanced verification process just hit two industries to help ensure consumers avoid bad experiences, applying to some companies using AdWords…

Google is stepping-up its war against consumer fraud with a new advanced verification process. The new requirement will first apply to top contributors, as well as plumbers and locksmiths. The plan is currently in beta testing only in San Diego, but could roll out to more cities and even across the country.

Why the Google Advanced Verification Process Applies to Plumbers and Locksmiths

In an email sent to top contributors, the search company states all existing listings and any new applicants must also go through an advanced verification. If companies fail to comply by November 1st, their listings will result in removal from Google Maps.

The application involves a third-party verification service and Google states the process takes about two weeks to complete. The same process will also apply to locksmiths and plumbers using Google AdWords.

The reason locksmiths must go through the new advanced verification process is one of the most prevalent online scams involves their industry. The scam happens when someone discovers being locked out of a home. The person searches for a local locksmith, which returns AdWords ads and Google My Business results.

Among the results are cheap services which operate in overseas call centers. A person arrives, immediately drills through the door lock, then promptly presents a large bill, and presses the victim to pay. Although plumbers must comply with the same advanced verification process, there are no widespread scams associated with the trade.

To learn more about the Google advanced verification process, see the company’s official help page. Recently, marketers began reporting a newly dubbed “Google Possum” update affecting local SEO.

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