January 12, 2022
Google affiliate location ad extensions

Google Affiliate Location Ad Extensions Debut

New Google affiliate location ad extensions allow manufacturers to show local consumers nearby retail chains to buy their products…

Thanks to a new Google affiliate location ad extensions in AdWords, manufacturers can now show consumers local retailer stores to buy their products. Late last week, Google announced its launch of AdWords local extensions to bolster offline, in-store sales.

“We introduced location extensions in 2009 to help advertisers promote and drive more foot traffic to their business locations directly from search ads. We are now launching affiliate location extensions to help manufacturers drive customers to third-party retail locations that sell their products. This will be rolling out to U.S. advertisers over the next two weeks,” the company wrote on its official Google+ page.

Newly Released Google Affiliate Location Ad Extensions Provide Manufacturers with an Ability to Point Local Consumers to Nearby Retailers

The announcement explains three-quarters of consumers who conduct a local search on mobile devices visit a store within a day. Because of this trend, it’s important for manufacturers to showcase their products for sale in nearby retail chains.

Much like the regular location extensions, the new manufacturer affiliate local ad extensions will display the nearest retail locations. Consumers will see an address or a map, if multiple retail locations are in the area. Unlike the standard location extensions, these tools do not require linking to a Google My Business account. During initial setup, manufacturers will select the retailers who sell their products.

These new tools are due, in-part, to Google’s claim that search dominates consumer mobile shopping. However, a survey recently released asserts Amazon is the leading consumer product search engine. Regardless, consumer shopping trends clearly demonstrate online shopping is increasingly popular.

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