April 7, 2021
Google AI

Google AI Smarter than Siri but Dumber than an Average 6 Year-Old

The Google AI substantially improved from 2014 to 2016 and is significantly smarter than Apple’s Siri but both fall short compared to a 1st grader…

Google might dominate search but it’s got a long way to go with AI or artificial intelligence. Although, the multifaceted company is way ahead of Apple. This conclusion comes from a study conducted by Chinese researchers.

Google AI Smarter than Before, Outperforms Siri but Cannot Match a Sixth Grade Education

According to the findings, the Google AI increased considerably from 2014 to 2016 and substantially outperforms the competition of Apple Siri. The Google AI scored a 47.28 IQ or intelligence quotient. But, that’s not as high as a 6-year-old child’s 55.5. And, it’s a lot less than that of an 18 year-old’s 97.

However, it did beat Chinese search engine Baidu, which scored 32.92, Microsoft Bing, which rated 31.98, and Siri’s 23.94 IQ score. Also, both Google and Microsoft are improving. In 2014, the Google AI score 26.5, with Microsoft coming in at 13.5. (During that two-year period, the researchers did not analyze Baidu and Siri.)

Over the past few years, Google, Apple, and Microsoft have all heavily invested in artificial intelligence research and development. This technology can yield improvements in other technologies, such as speech recognition, image recognition, as well as other areas.

However, AI systems are difficult to accurately measure. It’s one thing to experience a side-by-side comparison. But, entirely different to measure AI performance against humans. In this study, the researchers compared the systems’ abilities around “knowledge mastery, learning, use and creation.”

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