June 18, 2021
Google AI Weather Tools Enables Nearly Instantaneous Forecasts

Google Reveals New AI Weather Models that Produce ‘Nearly Instantaneous’ Forecasts

New AI models developed by Google are ostensibly able to produce short-term weather forecasts with improved rates of accuracy…

Weather forecasting might have some of the best technology on the planet. But, the practice of assessing what’s going to occur over the next three to seven to ten days is notoriously difficult — and inaccurate.

Google AI Weather Tools Enables Nearly Instantaneous Forecasts

This week, in a blog post, search and tech Google states it’s done work with artificial intelligence and machine learning to produce “nearly instantaneous” weather forecasts.

Google’s research in this area isn’t for long-term weather forecasts. Rather, they are for short-term weather-casts, which rely on AI, machine learning, and other technologies.

Google states that its researchers were able to produce accurate rainfall predictions up to 6 hours ahead of time. And, did so with only “minutes” of data-crunching calculation.

Google software engineer Jason Hickey in a blog post:

“If it takes 6 hours to compute a forecast, that allows only 3-4 runs per day and resulting in forecasts based on 6+ hour old data, which limits our knowledge of what is happening right now.”

The company explains it can generate predictions in mere minutes because it does not rely on traditional complex weather systems. Instead, it uses simple radar data.

This points to using such parameters and technology as one that heavily favors short-term forecasts. Meanwhile, long-term weather outlooks are probably still better served by more complex models, like those used by NOAA, for 7 to 10 day forecasts.

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