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Google Tells Website Owners to Ignore Malicious Backlinks because its Systems don’t Count Them

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Website owners shouldn’t worry about malicious backlinks, John Mueller of Google says, because the search engine “ignores” them…

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller recently answered a tweet from a blogger who asked about being “backlink bombed.”

The worried site owner said the property’s backlink profile went from 2,000 referring domains to more than 12,000 in just a month’s time.

It’s a seemingly valid concern. Someone might be engaging in a negative SEO campaign, spamming the recipient site with thousands of low-quality links. The goal of such an action is to hurt the site’s organic ranking, perhaps even trigger a penalty from Google.

Google Algorithms Ignore Negative SEO Malicious Backlinks, Search Engine Analyst Reveals

The site owner explains she’s been disavowing the suspicious domains by simply can’t keep up with the volume. Mueller’s advice? “…ignore them.”

Although it could raise alarm, these types of practices are less and less effective. Recently, Google published a 30-page white paper about this and other topics.

The crew at the search engine understands how nefarious characters might attempt to harm sites using such unfair tactics. So, it’s been updating its systems to fight off such manipulative techniques.

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