December 9, 2021
Google Allo chat app

Google Allo Chat App Desktop Version in Development

The Google Allo chat app desktop version is in early development, expected to bring the virtual assistant feature to more than just mobile devices…

Although Google gave no indication or hint its mobile virtual assistant chat app, Allo, would become available to more devices, the company announced its desktop version is in early development.

Google Allo Chat App Virtual Assistant being Developed for Desktop

In a tweet last week, Nick Fox, VP of Communications Products at Google, stated the company is indeed working on bringing the feature to desktop machines:

Released on September 21, 2016, Google Allo is an instant messaging app, which includes a virtual assistant. It provides a “smart reply” function, which allows users to reply to messages with automatic suggestions, instead of typing. 

Apparently, the Google Allo chat app is for Chrome, but not one specifically for Windows or iOS. The app continues to struggle with low usage and this indicates the search giant’s step toward making it more popular.

And, already successful chat apps are available on multiple devices. This include Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, and Slack.

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