January 27, 2021
Google Allo

Google Allo Integrates GIFs, Emoji, and Improves Assistant

Google Allo, an instant messaging and virtual assistant mobile app, now includes GIFs, emoji, and an improved Assistant tool on its platform…

Announced on May 18, 2016, Google Allo, the mobile instant messaging and virtual assist app, now supports GIFs, emoji, and provides easier access to Google Assistant. 

Google Allo Introduces GIFs, Emoji, and Improves Assistant

Google added the new features to Allo, in an effort to gain more users. One of many messaging apps, Google Allo’s primary appeal is its virtual assistant. Google Assistant uses machine learning in conjunction with the search giant’s enormous database to provide answers to queries. 

Credit: Google

GIFs are ideal for expressing emotions and thoughts by enhancing text or as a standalone. To add GIFs, simply tap on the emoji icon in a conversation. Scroll left to find more GIFs or search by keyword. Another option is typing “@lucky,” following a keyword or phrase.

In the newest update, some Allo emojis are animated. To send an emoji, select one and long-press the send button until a vertical progress bar appears. Another option is to drag a finger up to enlarge and/or animate an emoji.

Previously, typing “@google” launched Google Assistant. With the latest update to Allo, Assistant is resides in the composition box. Simply tap the four circle icon to start a query.

Another proprietary app, Google App, just rolled out updated version 6.13.25 which includes a carousel and more cards. Also, Nick Fox, VP of Communications Products at Google, revealed a Google Allo desktop version in under development.

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