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Google Maps just got a Tiny Tweak that Substantially Improves its Performance

disable Google Maps 3D layers to improve speed

Credit: BGR

Google has made a very small but significant change to Google Maps that helps to improve mobile device performance with its latest version…

There’s a really nifty feature in Google Maps — 3D layers. These are animations which make it a whole lot easier to navigate because it depicts landmarks as they appear in real life. However, every solution breeds new problems. So, Google has made a slight change to its interface — the ability to turn of Google Maps 3D renders.

Google Allows Users to Disable Google Maps 3D Layers to Improve Performance

The benefit of Google Maps 3D layers is that it essentially mimics the real-world environment. The downside is the fact doing so puts a real strain on mobile devices’ system resources.

With the release of version 10.28, there’s now an option to disable Google Maps 3D layers, making them disappear and thus, free up much-needed processing power. Therefore, it will also save battery life. (Not to mention, won’t bog down poor WiFi or network connections.)

The only catch is that it only works on Android for now. But, it will probably appear on iOS sometime in the not-too distant future.

Here’s an animation Android Police published which shows the option in-action:

Credit: Google / Android Police
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