May 24, 2022
Google AMP new web standards

Google will Integrate AMP-Based Web Standards to Non-AMP Content

Upcoming Google AMP new web standards will apply to non-AMP content, using the two year-old technology to provide a better browsing experience…

Google continues to push its efforts to make the web more user-friendly. Launched back in early 2016, AMP or accelerated mobile pages, provide nearly instant loading. The technology, similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles, caught on quickly with publishers and brands. Now, the search giant wants to take the initiative a step further.

Google AMP New Web Standards Initiative Announced

The AMP Team announced today it is venturing out to bring the AMP experience to non-AMP content. “Based on what we learned from AMP, we now feel ready to take the next step and work to support more instant-loading content not based on AMP technology in areas of Google Search designed for this, like the Top Stories carousel,” the team explains.

To make this happen, it requires new web standards. It will actually be based on AMP technology. Google also published a new page that’s updated with developments in the new standards going forward.

It’s important to note, there are certain criteria. The new AMP-like content must meet these requirements in regard to performance and user-experience expectations. Google states it believes that AMP has now reached a point where it can actually be extended to non-AMP content.

Google also continues its efforts to bring AMP to other platforms, such as Gmail. The company recently announced AMP Stories, which will appear on the SERP or search engine results page.

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