November 2, 2022
Google AMP Stories

Google Now Creates its Own AMP Stories for Search Results

Google AMP Stories, built using artificial intelligence, now appear in the knowledge panel on the SERP, for queries relating to public figures…

People have long sought information on the web other than in a text format. At least, that’s what Google says in a recent blog post. The search entity cited an example from back in February 2000, when people wanted to see pictures of Jennifer Lopez’s green dress. Since that time, Google has worked to include more visual content on the SERP or search engine results page.

Google AMP Stories for Search Debut

Now, the company is moving forward with another innovation for search. It’s using AI, along with its Knowledge Graph to create visual stories for search:

“Starting today with stories about notable people — like celebrities and athletes — providing a glimpse into facts and important moments from their lives in a rich, visual format. This format lets you easily tap to the articles for more information and provides a new way to discover content from the web.”

Simply speak or type a public figure’s name into the Google app on a mobile device and viola! A new “Start Story” button appears. Tapping on it begins a quick rundown of that person. Here’s a screenshot of it, courtesy of Search Engine Land:

Credit: Google / Search Engine Land

Here’s a GIF of the new Google AMP Stories feature, in-action:

Credit: Search Engine Land

Google explains it’s doing this because of a shift in how people want information:

“Videos can be a useful way to learn about a new topic, but it can be hard to find the most relevant videos to explore all the different facets of that topic space. Using computer vision, we’re now able to deeply understand the content of a video and help you quickly find the most useful information in a new experience called featured videos.”

Currently, it only works with certain applications. For instance, it works with the Google app, but Apple products do not surface the feature. It also works with the Chrome mobile browser for Android.

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