January 27, 2022
Google and Samsung camera app vulnerability

Security Researchers Find Camera App Vulnerability that Potentially Affects Hundreds of Millions

Security researches have discovered and replicated a security flaw with the Google and Samsung camera apps, potentially affecting hundreds of millions…

Researchers at security firm Checksmarx have uncovered a frightening vulnerability with the Google and Samsung camera apps — the ability to secretly remotely control the camera without the device owner ever knowing.

Basically, the vulnerability would allow hackers to gain control of either the Google camera app or Samsung camera app to take photos and shoot video, but that’s not all.

It it would also allow Intruders to grab device owners’ locations and clandestinely record their conversations, collect other sensitive data, and more.

Google and Samsung Camera App Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Gain Control Remotely

Researchers say hackers can exploit the flaw in order to bypass user permissions to arrest total control of the camera apps, made by Google and Samsung.

Because of the ubiquity between the two OEMs, the vulnerability leaves hundreds of millions of devices open to malicious behavior.

Security researchers were able to create scenarios which mimic what hackers are able to do through the vulnerability; here’s a list of what’s possible:

  • Open the camera app to take photos.
  • Initiate the video mode to record.
  • Grab GPS locations.
  • Detect and record voice calls, with audio and video.
  • Access and copy photos and videos previously taken through the camera app.

After learning about the flaw, Google issued a quickly issued a fix. Google and Samsung camera app users should update their apps to the latest version.

Read more about the security flaw here.

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