October 1, 2022
Google Android India antitrust investigation

India Reportedly Opens an Antitrust Investigation against Google over Android

The government of India has reportedly opened a formal investigation into Google over its Android platform for antitrust practices…

The Competition Commission of India has reportedly opened an investigation against Google over its Android product. 

Google Android India Antitrust Investigation Reportedly Opened

The CCI isn’t making details public at this time. But, the case is apparently similar to the one filed by the European Union which ultimately led to a $5 billion fine against Google last year. (That case alleged the tech company forced manufacturers to install Chrome, Google Search, as well as the Play Store, giving the corporation an unfair advantage in the marketplace.)

Google appealed the fine and has since stated it will give Android users in the EU to choose their own browser and search engine.

Also last year, the Competition Commission of India fined Google 1.36 billion rupees, equivalent to $19.5 million USD, over alleged search bias and abusing market position. Google likewise appealed that decision.

For this case, Google claims its Android OS “has led to more competition and innovation, not less.”

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