September 17, 2022
Google Android phone app voicemail transcription

Google’s Phone App for Android Now Automatically Transcribes Voicemail on T-Mobile

A relatively new Google Android phone app voicemail transcription service now appears for T-Mobile customers, using computer programs…

Pixel and Nexus phone owners now have access to another piece of convenience technology. At least, those who have service through T-Mobile. The latest version of Google’s Phone app for Android now includes “Google-powered voicemail transcriptions for T-Mobile USA customers.” It’s quite similar to Google Voice. When someone leaves a message, the app automatically transcribes the recording and renders text right inside the voicemail tab.

Google Android Phone App Voicemail Transcription Debuts

What’s most strange about the new service isn’t the technology itself. Google states no humans are involved in the transcriptions, which are completed by “computer programs” and “analyzed by machines.” The oddest thing is that it is exclusive to T-Mobile customers but Verizon is the official carrier for Pixel devices. Perhaps this is a subtle hint the feature will make it to other carriers in the future.

This isn’t exactly a new trick. Google Voice already does this and Android Police reported some users seeing the feature late last month. Many carriers also offer like transcription services but require a separate app. The same type of voicemail transcription option came with iOS 10.