June 22, 2022
Google Announces New Stadia Progressive Web App for Apple's Safari Browser

Google Reveals it’s Building a PWA for Stadia that’s Compatible with Apple’s Safari Browser

Google is working on a progressive web app version of its Stadia gaming platform to run on Apple Safari’s mobile web browser…

The race to be the biggest name in cloud gaming is definitely underway. Companies like Nvidia, Microsoft, and of course, Google, are competing to be the go-to for cloud gaming. To that end, these companies are busily working to expand their services to as many platforms as possible. That includes Apple’s iOS devices. This, after Apple clarified its rules concerning cloud gaming back in August.

Google Announces New Stadia Progressive Web App for Apple’s Safari Browser

As this marks the week of Google’s one year anniversary for Stadia, the tech company is taking the opportunity to build out an interface for iOS. Google states that it is indeed developing a dedicated progressive web application or PWA for Stadia for Apple’s mobile Safari browser . (Meanwhile, Nvidia has a beta web app version of its GeForce Now cloud gaming service for iOS. Likewise, Microsoft intends to bring its xCloud service to iOS.)

This also comes at a time when Stadia continues to expand its game titles. Just in the last twelve months, Google has introduced over 80 games and the company says it plans to support more than 135 titles by the end of this year.

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