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Google just Revealed when It’s Shutting Down Play Music for Good and Urges Users to Switch to YouTube Music Now

Google Announces Official Google Play Music End Date

Credit: Droid Life

Google has finally divulged when it intends to shutter Google Play Music in favor of YouTube Music, ending months of speculation…

We’ve known since May that Google would eventually sunset Play Music at some point this year. Prior to that, it was only speculation about its end date. (In fact, it took some time for Big G to actually make its tentative plans to replace it with YouTube Music public.) Now, the tech company has revealed Play Music’s retirement schedule.

Google Announces Official Google Play Music End Date

Google states it will begin the worldwide shutdown with New Zealand and Australia in September. Then, in October, Play Music will come to an end everywhere else. Fortunately, there’s a long reprieve for transferring libraries over to YouTube Music. Former GPM users will have until December to port over their music and data.

To transfer from Google Play Music over to YouTube Music, just visit this website. Alternatively, people can use Google’s Takeout tool. Either way, it shouldn’t take too long to move everything over. But, there is less time to procrastinate.

Google isn’t being coy about Play Music’s retirement and its users’ need to switch over to YouTube Music as soon as possible:

“For Google Play listeners that have not yet started the transfer process over to YouTube Music, now’s the time. Listeners can also choose to delete their Google Play Music data, and we will clearly notify all users before they lose access to their Google Play Music library and data.”

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