April 8, 2021
Google app 7.22

Latest Google App Version Sports a New Look, Widget Editor, and ‘Temperature’

A Google app 7.22 examination reveals a new interface, customizable search widget, as well as another “Google Temperature” sighting…

In the latest iteration of the Google app, version 7.22, an APK teardown uncovers some interesting changes. It shows a new look for the app, along with search widget customization, and a continuation of “Google Temperature.”

Google App 7.22 Tests New Look, includes Widget Editor

As with any APK analysis, code packed inside might or might not make it to final, end-user release. With this insight, there’s a new user interface. It sheds the familiar text bubbles. And, it displays a larger font. Here’s a screenshot from 9to5Google:

Credit: 9to5Google

Of course, Google might remove this going forward. But, at this time, it looks like it may make it to stable, open release. Another key change is the inclusion of a customizable search widget. It’s available under the “More” tab, straightforwardly labelled “Customize Widget.”

Since version 7.20, strings for “Google Temperature” have appeared. It persisted through version 7.21 and still exists in 7.22. It does little currently, because it’s clearly a placeholder for something. (It’s just unknown what that something is, presently.) Although, this could relate to the recent announcement of deeper Google Assistant integration. That development includes Routines and location-based reminders.