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Google is Starting to Deliver Daily Stock Notifications and a Watchlist for Android

Google app daily stock notifications and watchlist starts to roll out on Android

Credit: TechCrunch

Google is beginning to send out stock alerts, along with a watchlist, on Android, through the Google mobile application…

There’s a lot the Google app can do. It basically functions as a one-stop location for news and events people care about.

The app even lets users customize their feed by choosing the topics they are interested in or show less of things they’re not. Now, it appears to be gaining a new feature — daily stock alerts and a market watchlist.

Google App Daily Stock Notifications and Watchlist Starts Rolling Out to Android

The Google app is starting to surface stock notifications on its Android app. What’s more, the new feature is tied to a watchlist, comprised of user-previously selected companies.

First spotted by Android Police, it’s a different way of accessing financial market data. Instead of having to perform a search, it shows up on a daily basis.

It looks like this comes via a server-side roll out, so not everyone is seeing it. (It could also be a mere test, perhaps.) 

Credit: Android Police / Google
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