November 2, 2022

Google is Showing Ads to More Users in its Discover Feed on the Google App

Google is beginning to show ads in the Discover feed inside the Google app to more and more users, expanding its ad programs…

Back in May, search giant Google made an official announcement it would bring ads to its Google Discover feed, inside the Google app, along with other services.

Google App Discover Feed Ads Roll Out more Widely

The Google app, formerly known as Google Discover, began surfacing ad content in users’ feeds back in May of 2018. Now, those ads are being shown to more user, according to tips give to Android Police

Since Google is big into the advertisement business, this isn’t a huge surprise. The search giant obviously will insert ads into any place it can.

Users are already alerted to ad content with a green ad icon in Discover. Some users have previously seen these in-action. But now, there are many more.

The somewhat new products are called Discovery ads and Gallery ads, be neither aren’t limited to the Google Discover interface. Instead, at least one, if not both, will also surface in traditional search, on YouTube, along with the Promotion and Social tabs inside Gmail.

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