August 15, 2020
Google App Personal Search Reappears as a Shortcut on Android

Google App Personal Search Reappears as a Shortcut on Android

Google app Personal Search is back and it’s located in the main menu options, including Conversations, Events, Shared Images, Documents, and more…

Google has made searching for personal info a possibility for some time. The option first appeared in 2016 but was then relocated and renamed. It also showed up on desktop for a time; though, it disappeared. Now, it’s back. At least on the Google app for Android. 

Google App Personal Search Shortcut Returns to Android

In fact, it now claims its own shortcut, right within the main menu. The tool resides below “Recent” and “Saved,” above “Reminders” and “Customize Feed,” accessible through the hamburger menu at the bottom right:

Google App Personal Search Reappears as a Shortcut on Android

It comes complete with a host of choices, including Conversations, Events, Shared Images, Documents, Web, and Music. Tapping on any one option launches a list, displaying recent activity:

Google app Personal Search results

The newest version of the Google app Personal Search also does precisely what its name states — it allows users to search. That is, search by keyword or phrase to return relevant results. (The option appears right at the top of the app, next to the Google “G” logo, which reads, “Search your personal content.” So, typing or speaking a query about flights will surface booked an air travel email confirmation. Or, performing a search for restaurant reservations will likewise bring up any upcoming events.

What’s more, the search tool works offline, meaning there’s no need for an internet connection. And, users can even create a home screen shortcut to the function to access it quickly, when needed.

The feature is now live on Google app version 8.19.10 beta, as well as 8.16.19 stable.

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