July 31, 2021
Google app pin to see live score expands

The Google App Now lets Users follow Games with an Over-App, Live Score Floating Pin

The Google app ‘pin to see live score’ option debuted back in June for the World Cup and now, it’s appearing for more sports matches…

In March of this year, an APK teardown of the Google app revealed code for a floating sports score feature. Then, in June for the World Cup, the tool went live. Now, it’s showing up elsewhere in an apparent expansion.

Google App ‘Pin to See Live Score’ Expands

Google Search has long displayed live sports scores, complete with pertinent information about ongoing matches. The search giant even aggregates highlights after games conclude. 

However, the Google app ‘Pin to See Live Score’ option now appears in more sports events. And, when activated, it surfaces a pill-shaped box score which overlays any open mobile apps. Here’s a screenshot of it when toggled on:

Google app pin to see live score 1

It follows the user around, showing up in other apps, like Facebook:

Google app pin to see live score 2

The Google app Pin to See Live Score tool also hangs out on the home screen for quick reference:

Google app pin to see live score 3

Although, the option doesn’t surface for all sports and/or sports matches. For instance, it did not pop-up for a live NHL event:

No Google app pin to see live score option

Even closing out the other game-follow doesn’t bring up the tool. So, it’s unknown whether or not Google can track more than one game at once or if it’s only for select sports leagues.

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